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Bourget Law Group, LLC

Importance of Elder Law Planning


A common sense plan for the future is important at any age. How we will be cared for when we can longer care for ourselves is a universal concern but few take the steps to  plan for long term care and disability until a crisis occurs.

Approximately 70% of persons over 65 will require some type of long term care whether at home or on in a long term care facility. Contrary to common belief, Medicare does not cover long term care. Medicaid does provide benefits but there are eligibility criteria to meet and the application process can be complicated.

The most important step that you can take is the step to consult with an Elder Law Attorney who can assess your case and provide specific advice for you and your family.  At Bourget Law Group our goal is to help you understand how advance planning can help  protect you and your family. Protecting your family tree is as important to us as it is to you.



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