Multi state considerations

As more and more individuals move out of and into Massachusetts or split their time between another or multiple states, the attorneys at Bourget Law Group are keenly aware of the challenges faced by clients because of such movement, including the possible need for revised benefit planning, consideration of estate tax issues, differences in guardianship laws and requirements for review, as well as the need for updated document preparation due to multi-state involvement. Attorney Robert Mascali is licensed in both New York and Massachusetts and can assist clients and their families in both states. Both he and Attorney Cynthia Bourget are members of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, which provides them with a nationwide network of attorneys who are available to assist them in planning for and representing their clients with contacts in other states.

Attorney Bourget is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) who has been certified by the National Elder Law Association (NELA). A CELA must meet precise certification guidelines based on practice experience, training and high professional standards. CELA attorneys not only specialize in elder law matters, but they are also specifically trained to anticipate and address issues of concern to senior citizens. There are only about 500 attorneys nationwide who have risen to the level of expertise to earn the CELA certification.
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