Bourget Law Group, LLC

Bourget Law Group, LLC

Incapacity Planning

The foresight to plan for incapacity is emphasized by us with all clients regardless of age. An unexpected event can turn life and a family upside down. Without prior planning, court involvement may be needed to handle an individual’s financial and health care needs. We will guide you through the evaluation of the choices available through appropriate legal documents such as:

Durable Power of Attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney gives authority to a trusted individual who can act on your behalf including in the event of your incapacity. The authority granted is intentionally broad but can be limited to individual circumstances.

Health Care Documents

Proxy, Advance Directive and HIPAA Release

These documents serve to ensure that someone is able to make health care decisions on your behalf and in accordance with your wishes. A Health Care Proxy appoints your agent and the HIPAA Release authorizes the release of medical records to either your health care agent or family. An Advanced Directive, also known as a Living Will directs your health professionals and agents regarding your wishes for end of life treatment.

In the event that these documents are not in place and incapacity occurs family may have to seek appointment of a Guardian to make health care decisions or a Conservatorship to handle financial matters.

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