Peace of Mind Checklist

Here are some questions which may be important to you:

  • I am concerned about losing my assets to the high costs of long-term care for myself and my spouse. Will we lose everything to pay for care, or are there options?
  • My child is disabled. How can I protect his or her future?
  • How can I set things up so my kids’ inheritance will be protected if they get divorced or are sued?
  • My parents are aging. What should I know to help them to remain independent and protect their assets?
  • How can I minimize/eliminate paying taxes upon my death?
  • Do I have to be wealthy to benefit from a living trust?
  • If I can’t make legal and financial decisions for myself or am too ill to make health care decisions, how can I be sure my affairs and wishes are conducted in my best interest?
  • How can I be sure my money and property end up in the right hands when I’m gone?
  • My parent just passed away. What do I do now?


Many of our clients came to us with the same questions. Please contact us for estate and elder law planning solutions that meet your needs.

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